Magical Goondi Tree


This is a magical tree of Goondi. It is very old. It’s age is not known. It is a boon to issue less couples. If both husband and wife after wishing mannat with true heart before Hazoor, eats its goondi fruit certainly they are blessed with a issue. There are several instances of this truth.

Rana Ratan Singh of Merta came here to wish mannat of an issue. He was issue less for several years after his marriage. Both Rana and Maharani ate the goondi fruit and they were blessed with a daughter, the famous Mira bai. Rana Ratan Singh named his daughter Mira Bai after the name of Miran Sahib.

One police officer from Lucknow came here with his wife who was declared to be medically unfit for procreating a child due to an operation of uterus. Both of them wished mannat and eat goondi fruit. They were blessed with a son within a year and both came here to pay respect to Hazoor. The lady was so overwhelmed with emotions that she became ready to show her operated portion to the press reporters to show them the truth of the miracle.

Very recently a lady Judge of Ajmer was also blessed with a son due to this magical tree.

However it is to be borne in mind that the goondi fruit has to be taken at the hands of some Khadim in the Mazar-e-Sharif itself.