Dargah of Miran Sahib, Taragarh, Ajmer

In the holy city of Ajmer Shariff (India), towards the south of Dargah Shariff Khawaja Garib Nawaz, on the highest point of Taragarh Fort there is situated the Dargah Shariff of Hazrat Syed Shah Miran Hussain Khingsawar. Hazrat Miran Sahib was a dedicated warrior. Bravery was in his blood. Though he was a warrior but he was a God fearing person. He had an ardent faith in Allah and Rasool.

It is due to this faith, Miran Sahib got such a high place amongst the martyrs that the almighty blessed him with his Dargah situated at Taragarh Fort, the highest Dargah in India and this sub continent.

Places to Visit

Mazar-E-Sharif The tomb of Hazrat is situated in the centre of Mazar-E-Sharif
Buland Darwaza It is 64 feet high and 17 feet wide. Constructed by Emperor Akbar


Dargah Committee Miran Sahib,
Taragarh, Ajmer 305001
Rajasthan, India.

Sh. Mohsin Ali Sultani
P : President - +91 9829072534