Some Facts

Miran Syed Hussain Khingsawar was born in village Mashhad (Iran). His father's name was Syed Asghar Hussain. He was direct decedent of Hazrat Hussain (A.S.) in his fourteenth generation. His shajra is as under:-

  • Haarat Imam Hussain (A.S.)
  • Imam Zainul Abedin
  • Imam Muhammad Bakar
  • Imam Zafar Sadlq
  • Imam Moosa Kazim
  • Imam Ali Raza
  • Imam Taqi
  • Syed Abu Jafar
  • Syed Akbar
  • Syed Abu Ali
  • Syed Mohammad
  • Syed Ahamad
  • Syed Abdullah
  • Syed Asghar Hussain
  • Miran Syad Hussain "Khingsawar”

Historians had at number of places created confusion by writing Miran Sahib to be the Tax collector of Sultan Shahbuddin Gouri and was slained on 17 th Rajab 1203 AD in a night attack by Rajput warriors killing upto the last man of the garrison. At some places this incident is reported to be taken place 1209 after the death of Qutubuddin Aibak

So far as the incident in 1209 AD is concerned, it is no where recorded in any authentic history.

It is now well established that when Khawaja Sahib first entered in Ajmer, than Syed Wajihuddin Mashhadi welcomed him and later on he gavc his daughter Asmat Bibi to him in Hizri 620 (1220 AD) . This clearly shows that even prior lo coming of Shabuddin Gauri, therewas a Muslim populace in Ajmer. There is also no reference anywhere that Wajihuddin Mashhadi was also killed along with Miran sahib in the night attack. The marriage of his daughter with Khwaja Garib Nawaz in 620 Hizri shows that Wajihuddm Mashhadi was alive upto that time at least, so the theory of Hazrat Miran Sahib being killed along with Wajihuddin Mashhadi and others on17th Rajab 1203 is not correct. Besides that the Ganje Shahida where Wajihuddin Mashhadi was buried is situated outside the Dargah clearly shows that the incident regarding the death of Wajihuddin Mashhadi had certainly took place after the death of Hazrat Miran Sahib. All the facts cumulatively shows that Miran Sahib was martyred much prior to the period generally written in books.

The true history is that in the last phase of his invasion of India, Sultan Mahmood Ghajnavi attacked Ajmer in 1024 AD in the time of king Govind Raj II. He had with him his commander MiranSyed Hussain, Abu Tyeb and Shahbuddin. Miran Sahib succeed in entering the fort where he was out numbered by rajput forces and ultimately slain on 17th Rajab 1024. On the ground a furious battle rook place and Sultan Mahmood Ghajnavi was injured and he lifted his sieges and retired to Naharwala.