The Urs Mubarak of Miran Sahib is celebrated on the 17th Rajab every year and thousands of zaireens from all parts of India and world come here to pay honor to Miran Sahib. There are fine arrangements from the Dargah committee for the stay of zaireens in the Dargah Sharif itself.

Now there is tar road up to Dargah and taxies are available from Hazari bagh and Diggi Bazaar taking passengers to the top.The Dargah committee makes all arrangements during the Urs for the convenience of the zaireens and performance of all religious functions.

Mohrram & Chehlum

Moharram is observed from 1st to 10th of Moharram in the whole community. Chehllum are performed from 11th to 20th of Safer every year and during this period Ulemas are invited from whole of the country to give speeches.

On 28th of Safar the amazing program of “Khandak” is performed. Hundreds of persons including children walk on red hot coal without burning there feets and cloths. Thousands of spectators come to see this wonderful function


  1. From 29th of Zillhijja till 10th of Moharam relegious programmes (Majlis) are held in which zakerin of India fame are invited for Ashrae Moharam.
  2. From 11th Safar Al Murajab till 20th Safar Al Murajjab Ashrae Chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) is held in Imam Bargah, Dargah Sharif, Taragarh, Ajmer
  3. URS celeberation is held from 15th till 18th Rajjab as per following program.
    • On 16 of Rajjab in the Morning at about 3.30 AM Gusl Mubarak of Mazar Sharif is performed.
    • On 16th Rajjab at About 5.00 PM Mehndi & Kalawa is offered on four sides of Mazar Sharif and after Maghrib Prayer atta is distributed to Malangs, Kalandars and needy persons & employees of Dargah Sharif.
    • On 17th of Rajjab at about 5.00 PM after Nazr Rabarruk (Roti) is given to haft chauki khuddams and then in the evening Langar is held on Behalf of Dargah Committee and at night, Mahfil-e-Sama (Qawalli) is held from 11.00 PM till 4.00 AM
    • On 18th Rajjab, Langar is held on Behalf of Panchayat Khuddam Syed Zadgan Dargah Sharif, Taragarh, Ajmer.
    • On 18th of Rajjab at about 11.00 AM Mahfil-e-Samaa (Qawalli) is held which last till 1.00 PM and then Rasm of Qul Sharif is held at 1.15 PM. It is followed by the Dastarbandi of entire Management Committee.
  4. Yearly Scholarship (complete fee) is given to bright students who are studying at different school and Colleges (Boys & Girls)
  5. Widows of Khuddam & their childrens are given monthly stipend. Old-age Pensions are given to male Khadims.
  6. Langar is distributed on 18th of every month.