About Dargah


About Dargah

The main entrance of the Dargah is through Buland Darwaza. It is 64 feet high and 17 feet wide. It was constructed by Emperor Akbar in Hizri 976 (1569 A.D.) under the supervision of Subedar Kuli Khan of Ajmer. After entering the main gate there is a very big Dalan made of marble.

On the left there is wazu khana and towards the main Dargah on the left side there is Mazar Sharif of Hazrat Roshan Ali Darwesh. The tibarees in the Dalan were built by Hindu Governor Balarao Inglia and Gumanji Rao Scindia. In the Dalan there is magical Goondi tree.


The Dargah is a square building and the tomb of Hazrat is situated in the centre. The earlier work in masonry were carried first in the time of Emperor Akbar. Later, Emperor Jhangir made marble Katehra around it. This clearly shows that the Emperors of Mugal Dynasty had staunch faith in the Miran Sahib.

The entire building round the tomb is made of fine marble on which the verses of Quaran Shariff are engraved. Towards the north of the Tomb there is Shahidana which is covered by a Pagree(Turban) of Hazrat which is considered to be very scared. In front of the gate of mazar there is tomb of the beloved horse Khang of Miran Sahib